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Lirasoft is a New Delhi based technology, media and content company established to enable organizations to cross the digital divide between audio and video technology and information technology



Encoding Excellence

We specialize in content digitization, conversion, preservation and distribution services for organizations and exemplifies industry best practice and an innovative and encompassing approach to content asset management and access. We are experts in digital encoding and transcoding services and provide ‘tape to file’ encoding and digital transcoding with exceptional care and attention to both image and audio quality

Get the most out of your Archive

With over 15 years of experience working with rich media technology throughout India, from its original activity of producing films. During this time, our workforce has evolved into a multidisciplinary team of media engineers, computer specialists, documentation and metadata management experts and project managers

Self Provisioning

Your users serve themselves so your internal workload is reduced. Collaboration is encouraged through the use of shared resource collections and searches

Centralised Repository

Higher quality resources are promoted so use of your best resources is encouraged. A centralised and well organised repository encourages the reuse of purchased resources

Exceptional Resource Utilization

Resources are found easily and quickly. You can respond faster to external resource requests

Simple Web Browser Interface

Only a web browser is needed - extend functionality with MAC/PC desktop clients



Worldwide Content Library

Our Platform is a B2B hosted media and digital asset management service for content teams for repurposing and distribution.


Seoulscape - 30 minutes x 13 episodes

Arirang TV is proud to present Seoulscape - 30 minutes x 13 episodes, a culture introducing program which consists of 13 episodes. From tourism and culture to history, geography, and architecture, look into the diverse aspects of Seoul. All about the capital city of Korea, Seoul.

Please contact us at sales@lirasoft.co.in for broadcasting rights


Sound Journey - 60 minutes x 1 epiode

Arirang TV proudly presents "Sound Journey", a documentary which deals with the subject of 'Sound of Soul'. Music director Hwang Byeong-joon goes to Gyeongsangbuk-do Province, the most traditional region of Korea, to search for a gem of a sound. During the journey to forgotten sounds with Mr.Hwang, you can discover the hidden, and forgotten sounds of life which always surrounds you.

Please contact us at sales@lirasoft.co.in for broadcasting rights


SmartClass Content Library

Case Studies, 3D Simulation and Animation based on Learning Outcomes

Please contact us at sales@lirasoft.co.in for educational content development

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